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What Is The MACC Fund?

The MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc.) mission is to give the gift of hope through research. The goal of The MACC Fund is to find a cure for childhood cancer and related blood disorders by providing research funding. It's made up of athletes, business leaders, celebrities, and hard working people who want to make a difference.


The MACC Fund was first announced on December 10, 1976, on the floor of the Milwaukee Arena, during Jon McGlocklin's retirement ceremony. Jon was one of the original players on the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. Brett Doucette, son of beloved Milwaukee Bucks broadcaster Eddie Doucette, had been diagnosed with luekemia and was the inspiration for the MACC Fund organization.


Over the years, advances in research have resulted in rising cure rates. More than $80 million has been contributed by the MACC Fund to support research that has helped develop new cures and treatments.

Candy Cane Lane

There are many special funding events that take place each year. Candy Cane Lane has been collecting donations for The MACC Fund since 1984, and is responsible for over $3 million dollars in funding.

MACC Fund Team

The MACC Fund depends on 6 staff members, but couldn't possibly have the impact it has without the sponsors, sports teams, schools, groups, and individuals, giving their time, talent, sweat, and money to this great cause. You can be a part of the MACC Fund team by visiting Candy Cane Lane and dropping off your donation with the Candy Cane Lane volunteers on 95th Street between Manitoba Street and Oklahoma Avenue.


The MACC Fund Helps Children Like Tanner Fight Cancer

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