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Candy Cane Lane
West Allis, Wisconsin

Nov 27 thru Dec 27, 2020!

6-9 p.m. Monday - Thursday
6-10 p.m. Fridays
5-10 p.m. Saturdays
5-9 p.m. Sundays

Hours may change due to weather, traffic, and other conditions

- 96th Street to 92nd Street
- Montana Avenue to Oklahoma Avenue



Please remember when you visit Candy Cane Lane, you are entering a residential neighborhood with A LOT of traffic. For the safety of all and out of respect for the homeowners, please abide by the following rules.

If you are driving through the neighborhood:
1. Obey all traffic signs.
2. Do not block businesses' driveways.
3. Keep all passengers inside your vehicles.
4. Drive with your lights on.
5. Watch out for pedestrians.

If you are walking through the neighborhood.
1. Cross the street at the corners only.
2. Do not stand in the road.
3. Do not litter.
4. Do not trespass onto private property.
5. Watch out for traffic.


This Year's Goal: $100,000

$196,512 Raised So Far! Thank You!

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Please write "Candy Cane Lane" in the Additional Comments when donating online. Thank you!