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Dec. 6th-23rd

Candy Cane Lane Calendar 2019

Mark your calendar! Plan to come to Candy Cane Lane!

Here's a tentative schedule of events, appearances, sponsors, and volunteers.

Please keep in mind that the anticipated appearances, times, and dates are subject to change without notice.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
          November 29
Opening Night!
6-10pm: North Shore Bank Night
5-6:30pm: Jen and Family
6:30-8pm: Mary and Family
8-10pm: Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
December 1
5-6:30pm: Rob, Jenny, Pat, Mary
6:30-8pm: Pete and Family
8-9pm: Lexi, Tyler
6-9pm: Nathan Hale HOSA
6-7:30pm: Sarah and Friends
7:30-9pm: Comedysportz
6-7:30pm: Sarah and Friends
7:30-9pm: John, Patty, Bob
6-9pm: Pompeii Mens Club
Santa's Here! 6
6-8pm: Thank your Wisconsin Vietnam Vets
8-10pm: American Legion Post #537
Santa's Here! 7
5-10pm: Menomonee Falls Boys Basketball
Santa's Here! 8
5-8pm: Medin Lab at Medical College of Wisconsin
8-9pm: Ashley
Santa's Here! 9
6-9pm: The South West Optimist Club
Santa's Here! 10
6-7:30pm: Sarah and Friends
7:30-9pm: MACC Fund ELB
Santa's Here! 11
6-7:30pm: Jan, Carol, Lori, and Debbie
7:30-9pm: Nathan Hale Baseball
Santa's Here! 12
6-7:30pm: Vincent, Katie, Tiffany, and Kyle
7:30-9pm: Rick, Jenna, Ashley
Santa's Here! 13
Annual local team & business Mascot Night!
6-10pm: The South West Optimist Club
Santa's Here! 14
5-6:30pm: Mayor Dan Devine and his Wife and Colleen and Adam
6:30-10pm:The Brew City Bruisers
Santa's Here! 15
5-9pm: Nathan Hale HOSA
Santa's Here! 16
6-7:30pm: MCW Office of Research, Jen
7:30-9pm: Aurora West Allis Medical Center Emergency Room
Santa's Here! 17
6-7:30pm: Coverall Cleaning
7:30-9pm: Danielle and Family
Santa's Here! 18
6-7:30pm: Coverall Cleaning
7:30-9pm: Jeri, Nicole, Julie
Santa's Here! 19
6-9pm: Metro Milwaukee Optimist Club
Santa's Here! 20
5-6:30pm: New Berlin Heat Softball
6:30-10pm: The Knights of the North
Santa's Here! 21
5-10pm: West Allis Firefighters
Santa's Here! 22
5-10pm: Greendale Varsity Football
Santa's Here! 23
6-7:30pm: Beth and William
7:30-9pm: Jeri
Christmas Eve 24
Schwichtenberg Family
7:30-10pm: Pat and Family
Christmas 25 26
6-7:30pm: The Makinen Family
5-6:30pm: Jodi & Jeff
8-10pm: Jamie and Group