Meet Gavin Bugalski

Gavin in hospital
Gavin kept smiling, even in the hospital

On the road to recovery


Gavin Bugalski was a few months shy of his 3rd birthday when he had a series of random fevers and unusual infections that weren’t responding to antibiotics. Being two and a half years old, he wasn’t really able to vocalize that he wasn’t feeling well. After about three weeks, a couple visits to the pediatrician and a few different antibiotics, he finally had a blood test that confirmed what wasn’t even on his parents’ radar, and on September 3, 2012, Gavin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

That day, Gavin started what would be over three consecutive years of treatment consisting of bone marrow aspirates, IV chemo, oral chemo, lumbar punctures to deliver chemo into his spinal fluid, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions and life threatening side effects that landed Gavin in the ICU on two separate occasions. It truly is any parent’s worst nightmare. Gavin endured more in those three years than most adults endure in their lifetime.

Today, Gavin is a happy, healthy, 5th grader who loves video games and Legos and will be celebrating FIVE years off of treatment this month! The five-year mark is a milestone in that it officially classifies Gavin as a cancer survivor! It truly is amazing to see how far he’s come and remember all that he fought against. He is one remarkable kid!

Gavin in Wisconsin



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