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Brandon during treatment
Brandon During Treatment

Brandon rings the MACC Fund's Cancer free bell!
Brandon Ring's the Cancer Free Bell!!

On January 23rd 2013 Brandon Sexton Jr was admitted to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for a routine tonsillectomy. Brandon's tonsil was a "+4" and causing him to have sleep apnea, and his lymph-node was visible on the side of his neck. Brandon's tonsil looked abnormal and was sent to pathology. Within hours, thanks to a nurse who had listened to their concerns, Brandon's parents were visiting with an oncology doctor who told them the worst news of their lives - their son had cancer.

Then began a series of tests to find out what type of cancer Brandon had and where it was. The tests included PET scans, CT scans, bone marrow extractions, spinal taps, echos, and EKGs. Tests showed that Brandon had Burkitt's lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, located in his tonsil and in the node on his neck. Further tests defined it as stage 2 Burkitt's "B" cell type.

The doctors wasted no time coming up with an aggressive chemotherapy treatment that Brandon would undergo to try to treat his cancer, along with many medications that he would take at home. To the surprise of Brandon's parents, on the day that Brandon was admitted for his first chemo treatment the nurse from Brandon's tonsil surgery came to visit them. She explained that she was a nurse from the oncology floor and that she had been "filling in" when they had seen her last, during the tonsillectomy. Brandon's parents said, "We thank God every day for putting her in our path, words will never be able to express how thankful we are for this."

Brandon had some bad reactions to the chemo. This caused some of his treatments to be spread over very long hours. He had affects from medications that caused neuropathic pain in his jaw, as well as eye pain and sensitivity to light. Through all of this Brandon remained brave and fought very hard. He is truly a warrior!

On April 16, 2013 the most exciting news came! Brandon's cancer was in remission! Brandon and his family were so thankful! On April 22nd Brandon got to ring the MACC Fund's "Cancer Free" bell! Although his cancer is in remission there are still many visits to the MACC Fund and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for continued treatment. His appointments are now every 3 months and he has been in remission for nineteen months. As long as there is no reoccurrence of cancer the appointments will slowly become further apart.

Brandon's family wants everyone to know, "We thank everyone who has helped our son and family through this hard and exhausting time. So many people have touched our hearts. We thank the MACC FUND for everything that they have done, because of them our son is doing great! Please take every minute you have with your family, never take it for granted. Hug a little longer and a little tighter and enjoy each and every day that you are blessed to have together."


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